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Your Source For Safe & Effective Fly Control for Dairies

Dairy Fly Parasites is a website exclusively devoted to providing Fly Parasite control to dairies large or small - anywhere in the USA.

Our company Useful Farm Products has been supplying fly parasites to dairies and other livestock farms for over 25 years.

Dairy Fly Parasites are incredibly effective - easy-to-use and shut down the flies breeding cycle without any damaging effects to your livestock, environment or you.

If you have used Fly Predators, Fly Eliminators or Fly Parasites before, you know how effective these methods can be.

Donít wait to Stop Flies: If your animals and family are already bothered by flies act quickly. Each adult female fly can to lay up to 500-1000 fly eggs. It wonít get any better until you start taking action and stop the fly cycle. Fewer flies mean higher milk production.

We have Fly Eliminator Plans customized specifically for different dairies in different states. Consider a Standard Plan with biweekly shipments or a Maximum Prevention Plan and choose what is best for your dairy.

Our experts are available for any questions and guidance as you implement your fly control plan.


Also consider adding Cedar Fly Traps and Electronic Zappers to help kill off adult flies.

All the products we feature on our site are MADE IN USA.

Have a safe summer without the flies!!!

Email: dairyflyparasites@yahoo.com